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Members of Reclamation District 2106

If you are a landowner within the GSA Boundary of RD2106 please read the following.

RD2106 was originally established in the late 1970’s for flood control purposes. The District went dormant for a number of years and was re established in 2015 to create a Groundwater Sustainability Authority under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act or as it is more commonly referred to SGMA.

The District is located in the Butte Sub Basin. According to SGMA criteria the Butte Sub Basin is classified as a High Priority Basin. For us this means that the District must have a GroundWater Sustainability Plan submitted to the Department of Water Resources by January 1, 2022.

A Groundwater Sustainability Plan or GSP is a very complex document that lays out in great detail how a GSA will manage the sustainable yield of its underground aquifer. As I have said these plans are very complex and they are also very costly to create. Estimates to create a GSP range anywhere from $300,000 to over $500,000. In order to minimize costs and insure that the Sub Basin is in complete compliance with the DWR sustainability criteria, the District will be entering into a Co-Operation Agreement with other member Districts in the Butte Sub Basin to create a single GSP for the Sub Basin. The cost of the GSP will be funded entirely by Prop 1 grant funding. I do not anticipate any costs to the District for GSP developement under this Co-Operation Agreement.

Prop 1 funding will only cover the creation of the GSP. The implementation, maintenance, and updating of the GSP will have to be funded by us, the District. Once the GSP has been completed we will have a better idea of what the financial requirements of implementation and maintenance will be.

Currently we are finalizing the Co-Operation Agreement with the other Districts in the Basin and have started the first phase of the GSP development, the Basin Setting Process. We expect that GSP development will be completed sometime in 2021.

The District has created a website On it you will find contact information and the latest updates about the District and the SGMA process. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have.


Joe Mendes

President of the Board


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